Issam Hourani- An Encouraging Lebanese Businessman

Issam Hourani, a multi-millionaire businessman from Lebanon was born on June 13, 1967, in a well-known and esteemed family of Beirut. He has three siblings namely Devincci, Hussam, and Hiam among which, he is the eldest. In 1996, Issam Hourani married Gulshat Aliyeva and have one beautiful daughter named Ayaa. This super-rich businessman is the perfect example of a determined and influential entrepreneur.

In the 1990s, Issam and Devincci visited Kazakhstan to meet Hussam, who is pursuing his master's degree in Petroleum Engineering. During that era, Kazakhstan had gained independence from the communist movement and its economy was on a rise. Issam and his brother identify lucrative growth opportunity there and decided to invest money in that country. This family was among the first investors during the revival of that country. The rapid boom of that economy helped Hourani family to build a giant business empire. They invest in many sectors from pharmaceutical to aviation, mass media, poultry farm, and oil.

However, the life of an entrepreneur has never been easier. An immense success often makes enemies. The same thing was to happen with Issam Hourani. His name was linked with the death of Anastasiya Novikova, a Russian TV presenter. The victim was found dead in the apartment under mysterious conditions. But, Mr. Hourani's counsel, Heather Rogers QC revealed that his client's name was falsely linked in the death of Russian TV star. Also, he was not involved in money laundering, rape, torture, and kidnapping too. The judge of the UK's High Court ruled that all the allegations against Issam Houraniwere untenable. The judge also exposed that the entire campaign was managed and controlled by John Michael Waller. The US-based waller does this against money upon the instructions of their clients. However, the battle is not over yet because the court further made a judgement to disclose the name of the waller's client.

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