Issam Hourani – Multimillionaire Business from Lebanon

Born on June 13, 1967, Issam Hourani is the famous business tycoon from Lebanon. He is the chairman of the famous Hourani Group. Issam belongs to a very renowned family from Beirut. Among all the siblings named - Devincci, Hussam, and Hiam, he is the eldest one. In 1996, Issam married to Gulshat Aliyeva who is sister one of the most popular officials from Kazakhstan, Rakhat Aliyev. They both have one sweet and beautiful daughter whose name is Ayaa.

Early in the 1990s, one of Issam’s younger brother named Hussam moved to Kazakhstan to pursue higher education. And at that time Kazakhstan was rising after all the country got its independence from the Communist Movement. When Issam and Devincci visited Kazakhstan to meet his younger brother Hussam an idea of investing in that country arise in their mind. During Kazakhstan resurgence, Issam Houranifamily was one of the first investors and they have successfully build a huge empire and become one of the successful multimillionaire families. From mass media, pharmaceutical, aviation to poultry farming and more, they have invested their business idea in every possible sector and successfully established a remarkable presence on the landmark of Kazakhstan and beyond.

Being one of the successful businessmen from Lebanon, Issam Hourani name dragged into the death case of TV presenter Anastasiya Novikova. The Russian reporter on June 19, 2004, found dead under mysterious condition. The case was sued against Issam but after the court hearings, it was proved by his counsel that Issam was not guilty. It was a planned campaign designed to defame the social image of famous businessman Issam Hourani. Later, Issam filed the case against campaigners and wins the damages of £80,000 for defamation and harassment he went under through.

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