A Success Story of Enthusiastic Businessman- Issam Hourani

The life of industrious businessmen is never been easier. For them, a day begins at the crack of dawn and ends when daily goals are achieved. In your life, you read the success stories of many hustling entrepreneurs to get inspiration from their hard work. Issam Hourani, one such wealthy and determined entrepreneur from Lebanon face several ups and downs in his life and in spite of that, he is one of the famous names in the business landmark of Kazakhstan.


Born on June 13, 1967, Issam Hourani is the eldest son of a well-esteemed family of Beirut. Once, he visited Kazakhstan to meet his younger brother and identified vast investment opportunities there. During that era, Kazakhstan's economy was escalating as the country gets Independence from the Communist Movement. The Hourani family was among the key investors to invest in multiple sectors during Kazakhstan resurgence. They build an enormous business empire from scratch by investing in pharmaceutical, aviation, mass media, oil, and poultry farming. In 1996, Issam married Gulshat Aliyeva after they met during a business deal and has one pretty daughter named Ayaa.

Issam Hourani in the UK high court

In 2014, one “sustained, highly sophisticated, cynical and calculated" campaign claimed that Issam Hourani was one of the three individuals responsible for torture, drugging, beating, and sexual assault of that young women, Anastasiya Novikova and her death in June 2004. However, during the court proceedings, the judge ruled all the allegations against Mr. Hourani was untenable. As Mr. Hourani's counsel, Heather Rogers QC was able to prove that his client has no relation in the death of TV presenter. Also, he was not involved in any of the above-mentioned terrible crimes.

The judge revealed that the entire campaign was designed and organized by US-based John Micheal Waller against money upon the instructions of one or more clients. He runs a company named Psybersolutions which was used to achieve the purpose of the campaign. This Lebanese businessman wins £80,000 for damages caused to his reputation by this campaign.

To know more about Issam Hourani, visit Issamhourani.net

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