Issam Hourani's Story of Struggle and Victory Over Conspiracy

For most of us, accomplishing life goals is what victory is. But certainly, the true victory is defeating your fears and winning against a conspiracy of defamation. It takes a lot of courage, patience, and struggle to make it possible. A worldwide entrepreneur and businessman, Issam Hourani's story will definitely give you the motivation to have faith in the truth and take a stand against conspiracy and defamation.

Early life

Issam Hourani was born on June 13, 1967, and belongs to a well-known family in Beirut. He is the eldest among his siblings: Hussam, Hiam, and Devincci. In the early 1990s, Issam’s brother Hussam moved to Kazakhstan to earn his Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering. They have got the idea of investing in the country which proved to be a very profitable step because Kazakhstan was on the rise after its independence from the Communist Movement. They successfully built a business empire from mass media, aviation, pharmaceutical, oil, and poultry farming. Later Issam Hourani met Gulshat Aliyeva during a business deal with her father and got married to her in 1996.

How Issam Hourani became the victim of a conspiracy

He became the target of a fabricated campaign and falsely accused of the murder of news presenter Anastasiya Novikova. During his 10 days of struggle in court, Issam Hourani's counsel Heather Rogers QC proved that he had no relation within the death of Anastasiya Novikova and also broke fake allegations of forged documents, affiliation to political and radical groups, torture, money laundering, rape, and kidnapping. The judge ruled that the allegations were “untenable" and that the campaign was managed and organized by dancers and actors by US-based John Michael Waller to defame Mr. Hourani. All the allegations against Mr.Hourani; destroyed. The court also made a judgment to reveal the responsible people who gave money to John Michael Waller to defame Issam Hourani.

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