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Issam Hourani Wins Damages Over the Campaign that Alleged Him As a ‘Murd...


Issam Hourani- The Biography of a Self-made Man

Issam Hourani (Khourani) is chairman at Hourani Group. Born on June 13, 1967, he is a worldwide entrepreneur and multi-millionaire businessman from Lebanon.  Family Overview Issam is the eldest brother of his siblings Devincci, Hussam, and Hiam. His family is counted among the most dominant and esteemed names in Beirut. As a family, Hourani were not much involved with the political affairs but were regularly invited to events and public gatherings. Issam Hourani married Gulshat Aliyeva in 1996. It was during some business deal with Aliyeva’s father and where they met and things changed, all for good. He now is father of one beautiful daughter named Ayaa.  Business Overview In the early 1990s, his younger brother Hussam moved to Kazakhstan to study and earn a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering. Upon Issam and Devincci’s visit to Kazakhstan, the idea of investing in that country struck their mind as back in the time, Kazakhstan was on a