Glimpse into the Life of Multi-Millionaire Businessman - Issam Hourani

Issam Hourani- a renowned business tycoon and entrepreneur from Lebanon owned a multi-millionaire crown and living a historic life. Born on June 13, 1967, also known as Issam Khorani. Issam's family is a reputable and dominant name in Beirut. Issam is the chairman of Hourani Group in Lebanon. He is eldest among three siblings named - Devincci, Hussam, and Hiam. Married to Gulshat Aliyeva, sister of a famous official from Kazakhstan, Rakhat Aliyev and has one beautiful daughter name Ayaa.

Presently living in London, being one of the famous businessmen from Lebanon, Issam Khorani's life is full of a roller coaster ride. His name was dragged into the death of TV presenter Anastasiya Novikova. On June 19, 2004, Anastasiya Novikova found dead under the mysterious condition and Issam's name came under the case. As because being successful and famous, few individuals run the campaign to name him as ‘murderer' of a Russian TV star. Because of being tagged as a murderer, Issam's reputation was badly affected and has devastating effects on both his professional and personal life. Issam sued the case in London High Court where his counsel Heather Rogers QC, proved that the campaign was designed to defame and harass Issam Khorani.

During the 10 day trails, his counsel revealed that it is a calculated and highly-sophisticated campaign which was designed by one company called Psybersolutions LLC in the US and four individuals to damage the reputation of Issam Khorani in the industry. Later, Khorani filed the case of harassment and defamation against the company that was controlled by Waller and all the four individuals. The case was in favour of Issam and he wins damages of £50,000 for defamation and £30,000 for harassment. After the winning over damages, Issam Khorani stated that all the judgment is an important step to repair the damage what has been done to defame his reputation in the industry. But the battle, in this case, is not over yet, because the court made the judgment to disclose the name of the client.

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