Know More About the Famous Businessman from Lebanon – Issam Hourani

Issam Hourani – a prominent businessman from Lebanon, born on June 13, 1967, in the reputed family in Beirut. He is a multimillionaire businessman who is the chairman of the famous Hourani Group in Lebanon. Let’s have a look at the glimpse of this successful entrepreneur and how he build a giant business empire:

Early Life:

Among all three siblings Issam Hourani is the eldest of all brothers - Devincci, Hussam, and Hiam. During one of his visit for business deals with Rakhat Aliyev, Issam meets his younger sister Gulshat Aliyeva and in 1996, they got married and have one beautiful daughter named Ayaa.

How Issam become a Successful Businessman?

One of Issam’s younger brothers Hussam was pursuing Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering in Kazakhstan. So to meet his brother in the 1990s with Devincci, Issam clicked with the idea to invest in Kazakhstan he sees the great scope of business opportunities in the country. After the independence from Communist Movement, Kazakhstan was rising and developing and economy of the country was also increasing day by day. So being from the successful business background, Issam’s family was among the first investor in the Kazakhstan resurgence. And with the immensely boost in the economy of Kazakhstan, Issam Hourani build a huge successful empire and become one of the profitable businessman in Kazakhstan. He has done business in every sector be it oil, aviation, mass media, to poultry farming, and pharmaceutical, and more.

As Issam Hourani becomes the very famous and popular name, in 2004, he was linked with the murder case of the Russian TV star. Being living in the era of the digital world, this news spread everywhere and cause the tragic effect on his both personal and professional life. However, after the law battle of 10 days, Hourani’s counsel proved that he was targeted to defame his image and a US-based John Michael Waller designed the campaign to earn money. Issam sues image defamation case on the campaigners and wins the handsome amount after winning the case.

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