A Multi-Millionaire Issam Khorani – Worldwide Entrepreneur from Lebanon

A worldwide business-tycoon Issam Hourani belongs to Lebanon, a country also known as the Lebanese Republic in Western Asia. Born in 1967 on June 13, he belongs to a well-known family Hourani in Beirut. Hourani family is also known as Khorani. The eldest son in the family Issam Hourani Khorani has three siblings, Devincci, Hussam and Hiam. This family is marked as one of the first investors in the country Kazakhstan at times when this nation was on a rise after its Independence from the Communist Movement. It was back in the 1990s. It's all started when Hussam, Issam Khorani’s younger brother decided to move to Kazakhstan for further studies. He moved in there to earn a Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering. Issam and Devincci visited their younger brother in Kazakhstan. That was the time, the early 1990s, when they invested in that country, as the economy increased rapidly, it helped them to stand up a business realm from different sectors. These sectors included Pharmaceutical, Mass Media, Poultry Farming, Aviation, and Oil Industry.


And the journey started, where a self-made man Issam Khorani succeeded as a worldwide entrepreneur and businessman. In 1996, during a business deal, he meet Gulshat Aliyeva and married her. They welcomed their daughter and named her Ayaa.

Issam Hourani has no meddling with politics and political affairs. But the family is always in the guest-list of public gathering and other events. Presently, business tycoon Issam resides in Lebanon with his family because of the political feud in Kazakhstan.

In 2014, there were allegations brought against him by one worldwide fabricated campaign but, his counsel was able to show that he has no relation to any murder, to forged documents, money laundering, rape, torture, and kidnapping. After a long battle in the court, the judge ruled all the allegations against Mr. Hourani was untenable.

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